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define [glucose]

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define[glucose] is the very definition of what a peri-workout (before, during and after a workout) carbohydrate should be.

define[glucose] is d-glucose (dextrose), mixed with the vitamins and minerals that your body loses during training. D-glucose is the simplest form of a carbohydrate that your body can use for energy. It’s what your body uses to directly replenish muscular glycogen.

Along with replenishing glycogen, d-glucose also greatly increases insulin levels. This means it can help your body transfer other nutrients, like protein, to your muscles faster. The water soluble vitamins and minerals included in define[glucose] help to ensure you get the proper micro-nutrient replenishment you need to recover properly.

This combination of d-glucose with water soluble vitamins and minerals allows define[glucose] to reach its full potential in peri-workout nutrition. By taking define[glucose] you can reach your full potential as well.



✔️ 30g of Pure d-Glucose

✔️ Water Soluble Vitamins

✔️ Electrolyte Enhanced

✔️ 30 Servings


Why d- Glucose?

Consuming a simple carbohydrate peri-workout (before, during and after your workout) is the most important step in recovery and muscle growth. This is because consuming simple carbs helps take care of the first step in recovery, muscular glycogen (muscle energy) replenishment. If your body does not have simple carbs to replenish muscular glycogen, it will break down other muscles in your body and/or use the protein you consume around a workout to replenish this glycogen. This can lead to a loss in muscle tissue and a setback to recovery. In addition to glycogen replenishment, consuming simple carbs peri-workout increases your bodies insulin levels around the workout. Insulin is a hormone that delivers nutrients from your bloodstream to the different parts of your body, including muscle tissue. Therefore, increasing your insulin right around your workout means you can have better nutrient delivery to your muscles when it matters most. So, consume simple carbs peri-workout to optimize recovery.